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Greenacre Burial Solutions

A modern approach with traditional values
Greenacre Innovations Ltd offers a cost effective, pre-installed, innovative solution to the growing issues of rising operational costs and land utilisation in cemeteries.

This unique design for burial has been fully patented and creates a traditional yet fully modernised approach whilst maintaining traditional family values..

The modular interlocking system design is comprised of recycled polymer and composite materials. This enables ease of access to individual plots, thus each coffin can be interred without the process of re-digging.

The design itself maximises space utilisation and can hold up to 4 coffins and 27 urns at any given time, allowing an entire family to rest together in unity. The system can also be utilised in almost all ground conditions, regardless of the water table level. It addresses health and safety issues and allows for greater disability access.

Installation is quick and easy and on-going system maintenance is minimised. Choices of headstones and coverings have also been developed and can be included in the turnkey system to allow peace of mind for the individual.

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